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Cloud inventory software for cell banking and cell based research.
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It's made for cells
  • Organize your cell lines and keep all relevant information in a data sheets optimized for cells.
  • Cell images, GMO status, culture-, freezing- and dissociation medium, tissue and morphology, culture conditions and additional files find their place in Cellseeker.
  • Developed by experts in cell banking.
It's easy and intuitive
  • Inventory your cell stocks and keep track of every single vial in your storage.
  • Quick check in- and check- out of cryoconserved stock, thoroughly tested for suitability in our own labs.
  • Quality control, sterility testing and other valuable information for each lot can be added.
  • Barcode scanning and creation for sample labeling will be added in the next updates.
  • Import of your current stock can be done via our Excel import sheet.
A laptop displaying cellseeker inventory and a cell vial
Laptop with Cellseeker communicates with european servers
It's secure and versatile
  • All data in Cellseeker Inventory is stored on servers in the EU using state of the art security protocols including frequent back ups.
  • Access Cellseeker Inventory throught your browser from anywhere in the world, from any device, no software installation needed.
  • Create multiple users for your account with different access levels.
  • All transactions in the inventory are recorded and downloadable, ready to be documented in your traditional or digital lab book.
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0€ / Month
  • unlimited number of users
  • unlimited number of cell lines
  • 30,000 vials in the inventory
  • free of charge, sponsored by ads
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216 € / Month
  • 20 users per account
  • unlimited number of cell lines
  • 30,000 vials in the inventory
  • ads free
  • custom reports
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978 € / Month
  • unlimited number of users
  • unlimited number of cell lines
  • unlimited number of vials
  • custom reports
  • FDA 21 CRF part 11 compliant
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With Cellseeker we have a much better overview about our stocks. Lost samples due to faulty lists is an issue which belongs to the past.
Neal Driggler, Cell Depository Manager

In a collaboration with a partner lab we can now simultaneously access the information of our joint cell line collection – this is a great improvment for our work.
Thorsten Suhler, Group Leader

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