Centrifuge calculator

Calculate g-force (or RCF, relative centrifugal force), diameter of rotor, or rpm for your centrifugation.

It is recommended to document centrifugation settings with g-force rather than rpm. The diameter normally is written on every rotor, but it differs with the models and manufacturers.  And, as you can see with this calculation, diameter and rpm affect the force applied to your cells. To ensure the applied force is the same for all diameters of rotors, calculate the rpm you need for your centrifuge using the g-force.


centrifuge calculations g-force cell culture

Enter the diameter of your centrifuge’s rotor and either the g-force or rpm.

g = g-force [xg]

rpm = rounds per minute [1/min]

d = diameter of rotor [cm]

k = constant of proportionality


    \[g= k \cdot d \: \left(\frac{rpm}{1000}\right)^2\]