CO2 calculator

With this tool you can calculate the needed percentage of carbon dioxide in your culture chamber for all cells grown in a sodium bicarbonate buffer system. The pH most mammalian cell lines need is around 7.4 pH, but specialized cells or certain experiments might need other values.


co2 calcutlator pH cell culture


pH = pH needed

CO2 = CO2 in [%]

a = conversion factor of partial pressure in [mmgH] to [%] (0.133322)

c(NaHCO3) = concentration of NaHCO3 in [g/L]

M = molar mass of NaHCO3 (84.01 [g/mol])

pKs ⋅ L = Acid dissociation constant (pKs) and solution coefficient (L) of the bicarbonate buffer system (0.000000238)

    \[CO_2=\frac{ \frac{ c(NaHCO_3 )}{ M } \cdot 1000 }{10^{ pH \cdot pKs \cdot L }} \cdot a\]