Seeding for an Assay

Here we would like to assist you with some routine calculations, when splitting cells or seeding multiwell plates for an assay.

After entering all parameters, you can see the volume of fresh medium and the volume of cell suspension you will need.

You will also see, the volume of the diluted cell suspension you must pipette to each device.

Seeding calculatior cell culture


You would like to know how the values are calculated? –  Have a look at the equations.

ρ 0 = cell density [cells/mL]

ρ t = planned harvest density [cells/cm2]

μ = growth rate [1/d]

Vc = volume of cell suspension [mL]

Vv = size of the vessel [mL]

Nt = number of cells harvested

t = growth time [h]


    \[V_c = \frac{ \exp(\mu \cdot\frac{t}{ 24}\cdot ln(\frac{ \rho_t \cdot V_v}{ N_t})}{\rho_0}\]